ryndon country store

Ryndon Country Store

Ryndon Country Store


If you are looking for that home town feel and great food then look no further! The Ryndon Country Store has the best owners, workers and especially great food. If you are looking for one of the best hamburgers in the Elko area, make sure and give the ryndon country store a shot.

Also do not forget to toss a $20 in a machine, we suggest you giving Keno a shot. Not telling you which machine to use BUT the 3rd machine from the end has been loose lately.

Ryndon Gas Station

Ryndon Gas Station has everything that you might need when stopping for a break ( too many kids in the car for too many hours LOL ) or are a local needing a quick meal. The gas prices are cheaper than other stations and there is always a reason to go inside and grab a snack, drink or go play the slots.

Ryndon Country Store Menu

Once they update the ryndon country store menu we will make sure and post it so you can download it. It will be put into a pdf file so it is easy to save versus a big image file.

You should go in and check out the entire menu at the ryndon country store. The burgers rock, the breakfast is second to none especially after a few too many IPAs (-;

Ryndon Slot Machines

The ryndon slot machines are loose. They could be considered the loosest slots in elko. I never really had good luck at our big casinos in elko. The only places where luck seemed to exist for me was at the ryndon gas station.

The keno games are where to profits are at. Others have had good luck with poker there as well BUT was never really my game. Keno allows you to bet very low and win very high. I like those odds PLUS you can sit and drink a beer for a bit and play on a $20 for a decent amount of time while chatting with friends.

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