Ryndon Disc Golf

Ryndon Disc Golf

We are currently working on a few different disc golf events right here in ryndon nevada. Still working on buying a couple more disc golf baskets BUT I have two heavy duty ones so far. For those of you who are interested in playing disc golf out here in ryndon, bookmark this page for updates.

There is a decent disc golf course right in elko nevada. I still haven’t tried it yet BUT I am keeping an eye out for the next local disc golf event in elko. If you have a ton of experience playing disc golf and want to putt at a few baskets at once, feel free and hit us up anytime.


Elko Disc Golf

The disc golf course in Elko, Nevada is called the Humboldt River Disc Golf Course. There are apparently 19 holes and I can’t wait to check the entire course out. Right now I am focusing on getting the hang of the different disc golf discs that I recently bought. I am NEW to disc golf BUT already have two outdoor disc golf baskets to practice on. I even snagged up a used  fabric version that was made by franklin sports. The franklin sports disc golf basket actually came with 3 discs as well.

I knew those 3 discs were going to be pretty bad BUT I ended up with a decent putter AND two fun to try roller discs. Not too shabby for a $40 disc golf basket AND 3 disc golf discs ( putter, mid and driver ). The fairway/mid and distance driver are CRAZY FLIPPY unless you crank them and you MIGHT get them to “snake out” ( s curve ).

Nevada Disc Golf

I might end up taking a road trip up and down the 80 and check out the various disc golf courses in nevada. There are a ton in Reno and a couple sprinkled throughout the trip back east down the 80 heading back towards the elko area. There is one in winnemucca that is near a rec area that I want to check out and hope to get a ton of pics and videos.

Disc Golf Reviews

I am also building up a disc golf website that will be specific to disc golf disc reviews and other disc golf related content.

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